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April 14

• How has community within the church positively and negatively impacted you?  

• Describe a relationship with one person you have benefited from that you have little to nothing in common with other than a shared identity in Jesus?

• What do you see as your role within the body of our church?  What prevents you from living into your role within the body of our church?

• What is one area in your life where you need the church to either rejoice or suffer with you right now?

• What is one step you can/need to take to faithfully live into this vision of community in 1 Corinthians 12?

April 7

• Do you know your spiritual gift(s)?  If so, what are they?

• What prevents you from using your spiritual gifts?

•  What are gifts in other people that you have overvalued or undervalued?

• What does it look like for the church to be the church through their gifting?  How have you been called to participate in that vision?

• What is one way you have experienced Jesus through another person at this church?