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May 12

• How do you view or think about death?

• What is your understanding or vision of heaven?

• How does understanding the promise of resurrection shape the way you live and view your life today?

• How does the promise of the physical restoration or our body and the cosmic restoration of our world impact the way you view both your present life and eternity?

• What is something from this sermon topic you remain curious about?

May 19

• How is Paul’s vision of a restored church different from many of the issues he identified with the church throughout the book of 1 Corinthians?

• What prevents you from living generously with your resources?

• What challenges you to be a person of reconciliation with those you disagree with?

• Out of these three markers of a restored church, Generosity, Reconciliation, Anchored in Jesus, which is hardest for you to live into?  Which feels most natural to you?

• What is something you are taking out of this book and sermon series that challenged you?