Community Groups and Core Groups are designed to foster relationships, encourage, and grow your relationship with Jesus.

Groups has provided a group of women to walk through life together, encouraging/supporting/challenging each other. Everyone needs a group of people experiencing life at the same time for parenting, marriage, faith, etc.

Jenn York
Jenny York


The goal of Core Groups is to help each other follow Jesus as disciples who make disciples: to be apprentices to Jesus who learn his ways and teach them to others. As you walk with Jesus and become more like him, there are markers of growth of a life submitted to God’s love and design. We see these modeled perfectly by Jesus himself.
3-5 Members
Gender Specific
Specific Curriculum & Structure
Minimum of 2 yr commitment
Fosters Vulnerability and Discipleship

Our community group provided a sense of friendship for us as we settled into St Louis and The Journey West County. It was a place where I felt plugged in, connected and invested.

Sara Jaeger
Sara jaeger