Be with Jesus.
Become like Jesus.
Partner with Jesus.

Be with Jesus.
Become like Jesus.
Partner with Jesus.

This is what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus or another common phrase, a disciple of Jesus. This does not simply happen with time or passively waiting for a zap of the Holy Spirit. But rather, this happens through intentional choices and time that we give over to God to form us.

It is to that end that we want to give you guides in your discipleship journey that effect your schedule and choices. We believe that if you engage with these Pathway Guides that through the power of the Holy Spirit, consistency, community, and time you will grow in your life with Jesus.  

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Community Groups and Core Groups are designed to foster relationships, encourage, and grow your relationship with Jesus.  

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Serving Teams allow
you to use your gifts and sacrificially give of yourself to another.  

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Practices of Grace
are rhythms we put in
our life that over time,
form all of who we are.  

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Classes are designed to deepened your understanding of an aspect of discipleship with Jesus.

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Membership Foundations unpacks the who, what, why of The Journey and is required for membership.

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We believe that life with God is not only good; it is the key to flourishment. From the beginning, this was always the intent: enjoying his presence, becoming like him as we grow, and partnering with him to cultivate this world. Though sin has ravaged our world, the work of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection mean that we can begin to experience his flourishment again as we seek to experience his kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven."

We believe we have been invited into a life with God, and that the heart of God has always been centered on a relationship with him. From the beginning, this was always God's nature, and even today, remains the vision for what we believe brings flourishing to our lives. The manifestation of God's relationship with us is Jesus, who in our sin came down to commune with us, and through his life, death, and resurrection has restored us into relationship with God. For us today, Jesus serves as the embodiment for what it looks like to experience life with God, and the invitation we are given because of Jesus is to experience God in a way where we are able to enjoy his presence, become more like him as we grow, and partner with him as we seek to experience his kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven."

As you walk with Jesus and become more like him, there are markers of growth of a life submitted to God's love and design. We see these modeled perfectly by Jesus himself.

As you grow in your discipleship, our aim is for these Pathway Markers to become more evident in your life. Below is an overview of each Marker and soon we will be adding resources for each.

Understand the Biblical Story

We want to understand how the story of scripture fits together and reveals the Triune God to us.

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Find Identity
in Christ

In a world filled with labels, we want to be people whose identity starts with how we relate to the God

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Be Led
by the Spirit

We want to be people who depend on and respond to the Spirit’s leading and partner with Him in all we do.

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Build Practices
of Grace

We want to participate in the same practices we see Jesus did in His earthly ministry.

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Know and
Be Known

We want to be people who prioritize and cultivate relationships that have meaning and depth.

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We want to be people that are dissatisfied with broken relationships and want to be reconciled, both individually and corporately.

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Use Gifts
to Serve

‍We want to be people who know, cultivate and use our spiritual gifts with intentionality and joy. 

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Build Covenant Relationships

We want to be a people who covenant with God and one another. We have a sense that you belong to me and I belong to you.

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Love and Truth
in Context

We want to be people who are humble enough to learn as we seek to love the people and places we are around.

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the Gospel

We want to be people who share and declare the good news of Jesus to all he puts in our path.

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Do Justice
and Mercy

We want to be of people who live in relationships with our neighbors, but also seek to make wrong things right.

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Create and

We want to be generous with our creativity. Not seeing work as a burden but as an opportunity to make much of what we have been given.

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