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Serving teams

Partnering with Jesus.

The Journey is a community of believers that seeks to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and partner with Jesus. Our Serving Teams are a practical way to grow in our apprenticeship to Jesus as we partner with the Holy Spirit and serve others like Jesus did.

If you call The Journey your home, we want to give you ways to serve in our body that will utilize and grow your gifts and passions, but also deepen your discipleship with Jesus. In each of our Serving Teams, we seek to do this by embodying leadership qualities that Jesus modeled.

1. Kingdom Vision   2. Humble Posture   3. Radical Hospitality   4. Prepared Spirit   5. Non-Anxious Presence

We have a variety of different ministry teams that are always looking for more people to join them. You can begin the process of joining a serving team by filling out the form below.

Use your gifts.
Love others.
Become like Jesus.