Statement of Faith

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We believe there is an objective reality, a truth that’s there whether we acknowledge it or not, and we want to make clear what we believe about reality. There are many things that can be known simply by observing them, but there are also things that can only be known by faith, and these are the most important things: Where did everything come from? Why do we exist? Why are things the way they are? Is history headed somewhere?

How people answer these questions reflects their fundamental beliefs about reality, and as a result, how they live.

This is true whether people verbalize their beliefs or not, and very often we can live out of beliefs without being conscious of them. We want to be conscious and aware of our faith, in order to live accordingly.

We also want to be clear with those interested in knowing what drives us and lies at the core of our lives and beliefs. At The Journey, Jesus is the heartbeat of everything we do. He’s what makes us go, he’s who we live for, the person that we orient our lives around. We want our church to embody his love for each other and our city. While the doctrines that express our faith in him aren’t everything, they help give shape to our faith.

In this statement, we focus on the core beliefs of Christianity derived from Scripture, faithfully summarized in the historic creeds, catechisms, and confessions of the Christian faith. We expect all members of The Journey to affirm and uphold this statement of faith.

Lastly, we are not God, but are limited by our human weaknesses, ignorance, biases, and sin in our expression of these doctrines. What we offer here then is not perfect or complete, and though we wholeheartedly affirm it, we remain open to further light, understanding, and correction.