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The Journey Collective is the creative arm of the Journey. It is the collection of Ministry Support staff, local church staff, congregants and volunteers who contribute their gifts, expertise, experience and resources to make the unseen seen. We collaborate and create to reflect the restorative beauty of God and His creation to our church and to our city.
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Why is Journey Collective important to The Journey?

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A desire for the holistic flourishing of individuals and communities should motivate our desires to steward well our world, and the gifts and talents we possess that can serve to make it better. Culture can be defined as what people make of the world. God is both a Creator and a Cultivator.  In His creation, we see His particular value for uniqueness, diversity and beauty.  Yet the care, precision and interdependence with which He formed and placed each part of creation highlights His value for order. Daily He cultivates our world, tending and nourishing what is good, and weeding out what brings harm.  

In Genesis 1, God gave Adam dominion over the earth and invited him to participate in both the cultivation and creativity that would continue to point to the splendor of the One whose image we bear. Followers of Jesus must seek to be image-bearers in this respect as well,  mirroring the Father’s intentions. When we are attentive to where we are, what is there and what we bring, our posture toward our “work” can be purposeful.

We are invited to tend and nourish what is best in our culture, approaching the world not as consumers, or even as custodians, but as those who have something worthwhile to contribute. 

Our ability to be creative and to cultivate, using our gifts and talents, are evidence of His kindness and example. When we make something of the world He gave us, we participate in His redeeming work and bring God glory.

We want to be a church who promotes and encourages cultivation and creation as a posture toward our gifts, talents and work. We want to be a community made up of people whose joy in their “work”  is palpable and contagious and who intentionally seek to make much of what they have been given.

We want to be a church that desperately longs for the flourishing of all those who bear the image of God and the restoration of the world where we dwell.

Paradox of Peace

Track Listing
1. Prelude: Oh Come, Let Us Adore Him
2. The Light Has Come
3. The Weary World Rejoices
4. I Heard the Bells (Peace on Earth)
5. Sing Glory
6. Postlude: Silent Night

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