What is The Journey?

One Family. One Vision. Many Churches.
The Journey functions as one church made up of contextualized, interdependent churches. While we have one Vision, Mission and set of Core Values, we meet in different spaces, have different leaders, deploy different congregations, and serve different communities. We have a combination of Journey-wide and local church leaders who seek to mutually submit to one another, aligning and contextualizing ministry to maximize our resources and meet the specific needs of the communities in which God has placed us.

What do you believe?

Jesus is the heartbeat of everything we do. He’s what makes us go, he’s who we live for, the person that we orient our lives around. We want our church to embody his love for each other and our city. While the doctrines that express our faith in him aren't everything, they help give shape to our faith. Our Statement of Faith focuses on the core beliefs of Christianity derived from Scripture.

What is your Vision and Mission?

Our Vision
To see our city awakened to and transformed by the love of Jesus

Our Mission
We are a diverse community, centered on Jesus Christ, seeking to wholly enjoy His grace, faithfully embody His love for one another, and boldly engage our culture with His truth, from our neighborhoods to the nations.

What is distinct about The Journey’s culture?

No church will be all things to all people. As we pursue our Vision and carry out our Mission, our seven Core Values give expression to the unique attributes that God has formed and is forming into our Journey culture and community. These values both point back to the heart of our founding leaders and members and forward to who God is calling us to be in the years to come.

How should I pick a church?

Choosing a church can be complicated and involve a number of factors. At The Journey, as you decide which church to attend, we encourage you to challenge our common tendency to think like a "customer" who is simply looking for the experience they prefer most. While each church does have its own personality and feel, we encourage you to make your decision based on context instead.

We desire for our churches to feel like the neighborhoods in which they are situated. We believe that this is the best way to actually impact the community. So we recommend choosing a Journey church based on the neighborhood you are closest to or based on a community you are most passionate about serving. We want you to attend a church to which you could and will invite your neighbors.