Mobilize 100 is an initiative of St. Louis Metro churches collaborating to see 100 long-term missionaries developed and deployed to the unreached peoples of the world. 

What started as a vision for just our church has grown to include an increasing number of churches in our area. Mobilize 100 encompasses our church’s strategic plan to train and multiply disciples from our neighborhoods to the nations, especially amongst those in the world with the least access to the gospel.

As the Holy Spirit stirs and grows our passions for the people and place where we are, they should overflow and expand to contexts beyond our immediate surroundings. While we grow in knowing the needs of nations, we notice our neighbors' needs more acutely. Caring about His Kingdom near and far spurs on ministry here and there. God invites us to a broader view of His kingdom by repeatedly reminding us to make Him known in our cities, regions, and ultimately to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

As followers of Jesus, we are each invited and called to participate in restorative work, both near and far. This means not only considering our connection to our immediate context but also identifying and cultivating kingdom interdependence, from our neighborhoods to the nations, as together, we pursue the salvation and flourishing for all who bear His image.


The American Church is disproportionately invested in peoples and places that have already been engaged with the gospel. Only 3% of our nation’s overseas missionaries - armed with only 1% of missions-specific giving - go to the roughly 3 billion people in our world who do not have adequate access to the gospel. Many of them will be born, live, and die without ever meeting a Christian.

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There are so many people needed to reach the nations.

How does The Journey plan to “mobilize”?

Perspectives Class
God has a “world-sized” role for every Christian. Throughout these 15 weeks, you will discover how God is inviting you into fulfilling His global purpose. Hear from speakers with incredible all-over-the-world experience, and see God’s word come alive in a new and eye-opening way. Each year, one of our Journey churches offers Perspectives.  

Sow Groups
In Mark 4, Jesus talks about how the sower sows the Word and God alone grows those seeds. If you are a Christian, your identity is a seed-sower. But how and where should we as sowers sow? We offer a 10-week group to learn from experienced leaders by going out together every week to share our faith in Christ with the lost. You will encourage one another, pray together, and learn from God’s Word about different harvest fields in His world. We pray you walk away more in awe of Jesus, equipped with many simple, reproducible tools for talking naturally and consistently with others about Him!  

Go Groups
In Matthew 28, Jesus says to go and make disciples of all nations. This 9-month long, life-altering commitment is for those endeavoring to be on the foreign mission field long-term (3+ years), specifically amongst unreached people groups for the purpose of planting reproducing churches. Participants move into the same apartment community where you will actively live as a missionary team praying, sharing Christ with the lost, and having experienced leaders personally discipling you as you grow in abiding in Christ, character, and ministry competency. Leaders will help you develop a personalized “go plan,” including where to serve overseas, when, and with whom, all based on your wiring and giftings. We will cover identity, purity, language learning, support raising, conflict resolution, spiritual warfare, practical application for church planting, and much much more.

Reach out to the Mobilize 100 team to connect and learn more about any of these opportunities.

What can I do if I'm not one of the 100?


For the 100:
Set your alarm for 10:02 a.m. each day and and join others in praying for 100 laborers from the STL Metro area.

For the Unreached:
Download the Joshua Project "Unreached People of the Day" App to learn prayer needs.

With Visuals:
Incorporate a tangible prayer method into your prayer life with prayercast's "video prayers" for every nation of the world.


To your local church:
Each supports local missionaries.

Sponsor a Perspectives student:
It costs $260 and often people can not afford this incredible opportunity.

Contact us to give.


Join or Start a Mobilize 100 Care Group at your church. These groups are a tangible expression of our church’s commitment to support those we send. Each group commits to one of our “sent ones” with ongoing encouragement, prayer, communication, and connection back to the local church.

Contact us to find out more.

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