Wedding Director


Communicates in a professional and timely manner
Provides support for Wedding team needs (training, supplies, etc.)
Informs Wedding Ministry Contractors with any venue changes and policies
Acts as liaison between couple, church and wedding coordinators

Duties and Responsibilities

Manages the email account
Receives initial requests and inquiries from couples for:
Space Reservations

Checks space availability with local church administrators when the wedding date has been requested and notifies them when spaces have been reserved. Also coordinates space sharing, security, and calendar availability with Barbara at Kol Rinah.

Does site visits to churches with couples (when requested)

Manages paperwork/online information for each couple.
Wufoo forms (space reservation, officiant request, payments)
Policies and Agreement Form
Space Reservation deposit
Final Reservation payment

Ensures policies are followed with each couple:
Policy Agreement is signed
Deposit made to reserve space
Premarital counseling
Officiant approval (email Slade Johnson for outside approvals)
Venue fee is paid in full

Manages all contractors, including:
Wedding Coordinators
Coordinator Assistants
A/V techs
Communicates with facilities regarding cleaning

Manage contractor related communication and tasks:
Manages new contractor paperwork
Provide necessary training for contractors or officiants
Assigns contractors to weddings
Submit check requests for all contractors following weddings (Monday following)
Maintain an updated contact list of contractors

Manages communication with local church staff as needed throughout the wedding process

Manages and updates any documents pertaining to the overall wedding ministry

Status: Per diem, non-exempt
Hours: 4-5 hours/wk
Schedule: TBD
Benefits: N/A
Reports to: Steve Brewer