Neighborhoods to Nations

God calls us to seek the welfare of the city (Jeremiah 29:7) while also commanding us to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20) therefore, we are passionate about engaging our culture with His truth, from our neighborhoods to the nations.

What is unique about the neighborhoods of West County?

What makes the neighborhoods of West County unique is that we can offer the appearance of looking like we have everything together, and therefore missing the needs that exist within our communities. We are part of a context that in many ways represents the American Dream for so many because of the access towards education, career, home ownership, and upward mobility. Yet, we know that underneath those pursuits we are part of a context where comparison, comfort, and safety can become cultural idols for us and can cause us to have blindspots that prevent us from rightly seeing our community and those who are a part of it.  

Because of that reality, we believe that we have opportunities as a church to model vulnerability, humility, and need, and then enter into spaces and with people who are vulnerable and in need. That specifically includes partnering with schools like Hanna Woods and working with families that are most vulnerable, to working with Los Vecinos and those who are part of the mobile home community, to working with Together For Kids and working with families that have been impacted by poverty and the prison system.
I want to love, learn, and serve these neighborhoods. Where should I start? 

We have two great City Groups for you to consider:

Los Vecinos is an Hispanic outreach ministry that seeks to care for some of our most overlooked neighbors residing in a local mobile home park. Los Vecinos supports this community through a tutoring program that strives to provide resources that help children develop spiritually, academically and emotionally. In addition to the tutoring program, there are opportunities to meet practical needs by providing support for the trailers and the grounds, as well as relational support to the families.  

Together For Kids is a ministry that comes alongside vulnerable families to establish relationships, offer support and meet tangible needs. They seek to empower and support kids and their families so they feel seen, cared for and loved. T4K currently provides food and household items to vulnerable families, supports a prison ministry, and is looking to expand into the community by serving local schools.
I have a heart for the nations. Where should I start?

Learn more about our plan and prayers to Mobilize 100.