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8:30 a.m., 11 a.m.

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Call Us: 314-282-8303


Hanley Road Staff

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Carlos Smith
Lead Pastor


Jason Magers
Director of Worship




Ellen Rohman
Church Administrator


Bryce Van Deraa
Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Hanley Road Elders

Aaron Layton

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Nathan Mattia

Milton Mitchell


Rich Pierce

Hanley Road Deacons

Tim Martin

Amy Mattia

Emily Riske

Journey Kids


Service Times

8:30 a.m. | Journey Kids available for ages 3 months - 5th grade

11am | Journey Kids available for ages 3 months - 5th grade


Questions? Interested in serving with Journey Kids?

Email Bryce Van Deraa | bvanderaa@thejourney.org

We strive to provide age and developmentally appropriate classrooms and lessons.

We want our kids to hear about God’s love for them in ways that are fun and engaging.

For more on what to expect at Journey Kids and a list of FAQ's, please visit thejourney.org/kids

Hanley Road Students

Welcome to Hanley Road Journey Students 

When our church is gathering in person, Hanley Road Students meet on Sundays at 8:30 am, in the basement hallway (in the Journey Students room).

While our church is meeting virtually due to COVID-19, we are taking a different approach to meeting as Journey Students. Please read "Journey Students in April and May" below for more information!

Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer with Journey Students, or are a parent and would like to be
put on the mailing list, please contact Bryce Van Deraa at bvanderaa@thejourney.org.


Journey Students is a place for your child to belong...

Our mission is to partner with your family to help your children love God more today than they did yesterday, be discipled in the love and truth of Jesus, and to trust Jesus with their today, tomorrow, and eternity.

At Journey Students, we are committed to this happening in a fun and safe environment that your child will want to return to every week.

Life can be busy and difficult, and we believe that no one should do life alone, including middle and high school students. We are passionate about walking alongside your family and believe that everyone needs a safe place to belong where they can discover more about the hope that Jesus offers.

For the 2019-2020 school year, we have introduced a new monthly rhythm for Journey Students. Note that the description here describes our approach when we are meeting as a church in person. Once a month we will have a Sunday Night event. These Sunday nights will be different than our Sunday morning Journey Students. They will have a theme of sorts with fun games and time to hang out and enjoy each others company. We will also have a topic of the night that we will approach in a different way from our Sunday morning teachings. It wouldn't include a sermon or be life a classroom. We will approach topics in conversation, driven by what the students are interested it or struggling with. On the Sunday with the monthly evening event, we will not be having Journey Students that morning. 

Journey Students in April and May:

In a season of social isolation, Journey Students will be pursuing two different avenues to maintain community and grow spiritually. Every Thursday, The Journey will send out an email that will be a "weekly newsletter" of sorts. Included will be the main weekly content for Journey Students. Youth Ministry 360 is a curriculum organization (They run Camp Generate.), and they are producing "youth group at home" content for the month of April. There will be a teaching video aimed at youth and a downloadable parent guide to help you engage with them. 

Every Sunday at 6:00 p.m., we will have a time of connection for our students and their youth leaders. We will alternate between two types of connection. The first is on Google Hangouts Meet, where we can gather as a group and share prayer requests, struggles during this time, and also connect in general. The second means of connection will be a chance to play video games using the app Discord. Check out the connection schedule under the "Events" section. Please email Bryce at bvanderaa@thejourney.org if you need the link to the Google Hangouts Meet session or the video game sessions.

Upcoming Events


February 7 - Half Nighter, 5:30-11:30 p.m.

We'll be serving at church and then heading out for dessert and a movie!

Email Bryce if you're planning to come.

February 23 - Ice Skating, 5-7 p.m..

March 29 - Google Hangout, 6 p.m.
 April 5 - Video games, 6 p.m.
April 12 - Easter - none

April 19 - Google Hangout, 6 p.m.
April 26 - Video games, 6 p.m.

*This Google Hangout and Video Game schedule will continue as needed.

Date TBD - Bake Sale Fundraiser, after each church service

Tentative May 24 - Cardinals Game, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

July 20-24 - Camp Generate 


While we do gather on Sunday for corporate worship, one of the primary ways we connect and “do life” together is through our Community Groups. Our mission is to enjoy God's grace, embody Christ's love for each other, and engage our culture with His truth. Community Groups at the Journey are about discipleship and one way we can connect to our mission.


Each week, our groups participate in fellowship, worship, Bible study, and prayer. Community Groups usually focus on the passage and sermon from the previous Sunday or some other themed study. The lessons help group members see how scripture interacts with the world around us and ask questions of sin, grace, and mission. Community Groups also set aside time each week to pray one another and the church.


Individual Community Groups are led by members of the Hanley Road congregation. Most groups are team led, which allows for the distribution of weight and gifting within each group. Team leadership enables groups to grow in maturity and eventual multiplication.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Group Leader, please email infohr@thejourney.org, so we can connect you with our Pastor and staff to begin that conversation.


Our Community Groups meet one night per week, and we have many diverse options available for your schedule. They also meet in different parts of St. Louis.


Email infoHR@thejourney.org with questions or register today!

Women’s Ministry

We are a community of women committed to building relationships, discipling one another, and fulfilling our God-given commission to love and serve others. We are completely dependent upon God’s word as our guide and the Holy Spirit as our help.



Men’s Ministry

The men’s ministry at The Journey Hanley Road seeks to encourage, challenge, and walk alongside the men in our community as we grow together in our relationship with Christ and toward becoming men of character, responsibility, and leadership.

Interested in connecting with us? Email menshr@thejourney.org to learn more.


COLLEGE Ministry

The college ministry at The Journey Hanley Road seeks to encourage and pour into the college students in our church family. Brad and Paula Baum hold monthly family dinners in their home and welcome any college student interested in joining. The group also does social events throughout the semester.

If you'd like to learn more or be added to the ministry's Group Me, please email the Baums.


Hosts Ministry

Through hospitality and engagement, the Hosts team seeks to create an environment where people can meet Jesus. Whether by greeting newcomers, preparing the communion table, or brewing coffee, our team is all about serving our church on Sunday mornings.




The Production Ministry's audio engineers and media and lighting operators ensure that those at The Journey Hanley Road can sing praises to God and hear the Word taught free of distraction.



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