The Journey West County

Together Again

Three Ways You Can Engage

1. Commit to Sunday Services
We will continue to stream our Sunday morning services online for the foreseeable future. Each week, at 10 a.m., we invite you to tune in to our virtual Sunday service. But starting on August 23, we will begin re-introducing local preaching to create more opportunities for me (and our other West County pastors/elders) to preach so that Pastor Tim can more regularly speak to the needs and opportunities of our local congregation. The way this will work is we will alternate from week to week between a One Church virtual service (our current Sunday worship experience) and this new local virtual service.

2. Engage in Our West County Church Family Gathering
Beginning on August 16, we will plan to physically gather every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. in our church parking lot
for the purpose of engaging in elements that are difficult to experience virtually.

Very simply, each week we will come together in this time to sing, to pray, and to create space for building relationships and friendships together. We recognize the importance of physically being together during this time, and our prayer is that this will be a source of formation, worship, and encouragement to you and become a regular rhythm to your Sunday afternoons.

Our Gatherings will last about 45 minutes to an hour each week. You will be asked to

  • Bring your own chair or blanket
  • Fill out a registration beforehand
  • Practice social distancing and wear a mask when you attend 

3. Connect with a Group
Now, more than ever, we all need consistent and intentional ways to connect with, learn from, and care for one another. We believe that this happens best in a smaller group setting. Many of us are familiar with Community Groups which will remain a vital part of our ministry. But as we enter into the fall, we are seeking to expand our approach to groups to include greater variety based on the needs in our church. In addition to Community Groups, you will be able to sign up for or have the opportunity to lead:

  • Care Groups: These groups will be led by a church leader who can provide spiritual guidance and counsel while those in the group support one another and have specific care needs. 
  • City Groups: are for those who share a passion to serve our city and want to engage/serve with others who share the same passion. These groups can serve together and can also learn/ grow in their understanding of our community.
  • Connect Groups: are for those looking for others who share a common interest, age- or life-stage. In a large church, it can sometimes be difficult to identify those who share commonalities. These groups are a great way to get started in building relationships.
  • Content Groups: are for those that want to learn with others. Whether a book study, Equip Class, RightNow Media resource, or Bible study, these groups are those who want to study and grow alongside others. 

Additional information about groups is coming soon! But we want to invite you now to be praying about what this might look like and how the Lord might be leading you to be involved.  

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