The Journey Hanley Road

Together Again

Three Ways You Can Engage


Commit to Sunday Services
At 10 a.m., each week, we invite you to tune into a virtual Sunday service. The schedule will alternate from week to week between a One Church virtual service (our current Sunday worship experience) and a new local virtual service.

At Hanley Road, this will include preaching from Pastor Carlos, as well as the opportunity to hear from our local staff and elders. In addition, following the local virtual Sunday Morning Service on August 23, Pastor Carlos will host a Zoom discussion for Hanley Road to connect with one another and talk about the sermon.

  • Register here for our discussion.

Engage in Our Church Family Gathering
Twice a month, you will have the opportunity to safely gather in-person with our local church family.

At Hanley Road, this will look like an outdoor gathering in our parking lot at 8:30 a.m. on August 30. This will be a time of worship, prayer, and a brief devotional from our elders and local preachers. We also plan to continue these gatherings for two Sundays in September. Beginning in September, we will have two locations available for gathering on the Sundays we meet - at the Hanley Road Parking Lot and at Endicott Park.

  • You can register for our Hanley Road Family Gatherings here (Registration is required to attend.). 

Connect with a Group
Now, more than ever, we all need consistent and intentional ways to connect with, learn from, and care for one another. We believe that this happens best in a small group setting.

At Hanley Road, many of us are familiar with Community Groups, but we are seeking to expand our approach to groups to include greater variety based on the needs in our church. In addition to Community Groups, you are able to sign up for the following Equip Classes and Groups:

  • Christians and Politics - Register here
  • Getting at the Root: A Study on Sin - Register here
  • How to Study the Bible: A Simple Approach for Laypeople - Register here
  • Men’s Sexual Integrity Group - Register here