We are a church that desires to see our city awakened to and transformed by the love of Jesus.

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The Journey Timeline


More than a Building

In 1954, a church was constructed in the heart of St. Louis. It was more than a building, but a vision for future churches to spring up in neighborhoods throughout the communities that make up our city.

A Journey Begins


A Journey Begins

Without knowing what God had in store for them, a group of 30 people began meeting in a south city basement with a heart and prayer to be used by God.


Hanley Road Baptist Church

Pastor Slade Johnson generously opened the doors of Hanley Road Baptist Church for a growing Journey congregation to meet in.


Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood

Theology at the Bottleworks launched the first of hundreds of consecutive monthly public discussions at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, where people from all backgrounds could gather to discuss matters of cultural significance.

Tower Grove


In the City, For the City

As the congregation continued to grow, The Journey Tower Grove opened its doors in the heart of south St. Louis.


south St. Louis

Mission: St. Louis launched in south St. Louis with the call to empower people to transform their lives, families and neighborhoods.


Karis House

Seeing the practical need to help hurting people throughout St. Louis, Karis House began providing affordable, gospel-centered counseling to all who needed it.

Missouri Baptist University


Moving West

As a core group of attenders united around their community, The Journey West County launched and began meeting at Missouri Baptist University.


The Covering House

As awareness of the rise of sex trafficking in St. Louis grew, The Covering House launched to provide refuge and restoration for girls who had fallen victim.

The Journey Metro East


Across the River

Several Journey Community Groups united to form The Journey Metro East in Belleville, Illinois, carrying the church’s mission to the east side of the metro area.

The Journey West County


A Common Vision

Sharing in the broader gospel vision, Manchester Baptist Church graciously donated their building and merged their congregation, becoming the new home of The Journey West County.


Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach and The Journey partnered together to share the gospel with students on college campuses throughout the region.


United for the Gospel

Uniting under the same mission, The Journey and Hanley Road Baptist Church merged their congregations, reforming The Journey Hanley Road.


In the Community, For the Community

The Journey Southern Illinois launched in Marion, Illinois with a core group of over 200 people.

The Journey South County


Sent Out

As the seats of Tower Grove and West County continued to fill up, a group of attenders, passionate to see their community reached, were sent back into their neighborhood to launch The Journey South County.


Perfectly Placed

Through a generous donation from Hope Church, The Journey Metro East moved into a permanent home in West Belleville, strategically placing them in the center of a historically divided region.


Urban K-Life

The Journey partnered with Urban K-Life — an established, gospel-centered nonprofit in North St. Louis — to help provide lasting hope to urban teens in the St. Louis area.


City of Joy Fellowship

With a common vision to see the gospel transform East St. Louis, The Journey began a partnership with City of Joy Fellowship.

The Journey South County


A Permanent Home

After four years of setup and teardown at Bernard Middle School, The Journey South County moved into a permanent home in Affton, MO.

The Journey Hanley Road


Across The Divide

Responding to God’s call to grow in diversity, The Journey Hanley Road relocated to a new building in University City, north of the Delmar divide.

The Journey Southern Illinois


Equipped and Sent

In February 2019, after seven years as a Journey location, The Journey Southern Illinois was equipped, resourced, and sent out to engage the community of southern Illinois as their own local church.

St. Louis metro region


One Church. Five Locations.

The Journey is one church with five locations, praying for our whole St. Louis metro region to be awakened to and transformed by the love of Jesus.

Who We Are

Enjoy Grace

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

We are a community centered on Jesus Christ and his free gift of grace. Jesus willingly entered into the pain and heartache of this world to rescue us from ourselves and give us abundant life. We believe God desires our friendship above and beyond our service and that he calls us to wholly enjoy this gift of grace he’s offered us.

Embody Love

We love because he first loved us.

John 1:9

On the night before he laid down his life — the ultimate display of love and sacrifice — Jesus gave the command to love one another. We believe it’s our mission to faithfully embody that love — a selfless, sacrificial love that shows no bias or favoritism, but embraces all people from all backgrounds in all stages and walks of life.

Engage Culture

As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.

John 20:21

Jesus doesn’t call us to retreat from culture, but to engage it. During his ministry, he challenged religious leaders for their hypocrisy and befriended the broken and marginalized. He entered into the culture to bring healing and hope, and we believe we’re called to do the same.

The Journey

The Journey

We are a diverse community centered on Jesus Christ, seeking to wholly enjoy His grace, faithfully embody His love for one another, and boldly engage our culture with His truth, from our neighborhoods to the nations.

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