Neighborhoods to Nations

Our heart at The Journey Tower Grove is to make Christ’s name known and what better place to start than our own neighborhood! We believe that Jesus loves South City and wants to see this place transformed for His glory. We also believe that Christ has mandated that His followers take the gospel around the globe to all nations and so we enter into the mission of God to spread the gospel abroad.

Why “neighborhoods to nations”?

Jesus sent his disciples on mission beginning in their own towns and then moving outward. A mission that remains only local misses out on God’s world mission. And a focus on "global" missions can often miss out on discipling people in their own town towards faith in Jesus. The biblical movement from “here to there” means that wherever we are, we are sent on mission to a place that matters to God.
What is unique about the Southwest Garden neighborhood?

Our local neighborhood is teeming with life!

We are right next to Tower Grove Park, which hosts a Farmer’s Market, Food Truck Fridays, International Festivals, and is a meeting place and landmark for the neighborhood and beyond.

South City is made up of people from all walks of life, various socioeconomic, educational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. We have a unique opportunity to be a beacon of light in a highly visible location.
I want to love, learn and/ serve this neighborhood.  Where should I start? 

‍We support and partner with several organizations who are doing incredible work in the South City area. We partner with the following ministries: 
Learning more and serving with these organizations is a great way to learn the needs of the neighborhood. Also, if you want to experience the culture of our neighborhood, we recommend visiting the Missouri Botanical Gardens, Tower Grove Park, and trying out one of the many incredible restaurants in the neighborhood.

Go here for more history and information on the Southwest Garden neighborhood.
I have a heart for the nations. Where should I start?

Learn more about our plan and prayers to Mobilize 100.