We believe that discipleship can happen in all of life and all of ministry. Our life with Christ is a journey, not a place of arrival. However, along the pathway, there are "markers" of growth—indicators of a life submitted to God's love and design—and "guides"—opportunities here—to help you become more like Jesus.

Understand the Biblical story
Find Identity in Christ 
Be Led by the Spirit
Build Habits of Grace
Know & be known 
Pursue reconciliation
Use gifts to serve 
Build covenant relationships
Apply love and truth in context
Proclaim the Gospel
Do justice and mercy
Create and cultivate

Connecting to Jesus through COMMUNITY with one another.

Affinity-based, relationship focused

Connect groups, people gather to participate in a shared interest, hobby, or life stage. In a large church, it can sometimes be difficult to identify those who share commonalities. These groups are devoted to growing in hospitality, that is, welcoming people into our lives by sharing something together that we all enjoy.

Study-based, learning focused

Content groups, people gather to learn and study a topic together. Group Leaders will identify a resource of interest (book, video, online course, Scripture) and invite others to engage and discuss it together. These groups are devoted to growing in wisdom and knowledge, that is, learning how to live life according to God’s ways and teaching.

Serving-based, context focused

City groups are where people gather to learn about and serve a local community. These groups are devoted to growing in prayer, cultural humility and contextual learning. They seek to join God in the work he’s doing as he restores beauty and makes things new. These groups may serve through another community organization or ministry.

Need-based, healing focused

Care groups are where people gather to find support and resources for healing in an intentional and safe place. These groups are devoted to growing in empathy and vulnerability, receiving love and giving it without the threat of shame or rejection.

Discipleship-based, spiritual maturity focused

In Core groups, one person invites a few others to follow Jesus together: to be with Jesus, to become like him, and to do what he did. These groups are devoted to growing together in maturity in Jesus through hospitality, accountability, apostolic teaching, fellowship, and prayer. They require a high level of commitment.


Exposing to fundamental TRUTH of the Gospel and understanding for Church COVENANT membership.

Gospel Foundations*
The base of all our teaching, this 4 week course unpacks the Gospel Story and what it means for our lives. 

Membership Foundations
The explanation and invitation to covenant membership, this 4 week course unpack the who, what, why of The Journey.

Prerequisite to Membership.


Teaching for deeper UNDERSTANDING and APPLICATION.

Equip Classes
Designed around each of our 12 Pathway Markers and taught by trained teachers, these classes are offered throughout the year to complement holistic discipleship.

Equip Classes are offered throughout the year. They usually last between 4-8 week and are taught by gifted members and leaders before church on Sunday mornings. Childcare is provided.


Development and training toward MULTIPLICATION of gifts and people, in the church, neighborhoods and nations.

Serving Teams differ from church to church but offer opportunities to use our gifts for the benefit of one another.

Sending Teams train for Gospel Proclamation in our neighborhoods and stretch us to consider being sent to unreached people in the nations.

What other resources can you recommend for my growth?

We invite you to set up a free account with RightNow Media. It contains Gospel-centered video and audio content for people in every stage of life on any subject you can imagine. 

Journey with Us.