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Come have a brew, share your view, and lend an ear to others'. Always free and open to absolutely anyone. Join us the third Wednesday of every month for our discussion at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood

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February 20, 6:30-8:30 at Schlafly Bottleworks

Join the conversation this month as we discuss “Love at First Swipe: The Effect of Technology on Love and Relationships." As our society becomes increasingly connected through smartphones, apps, and social media, the frequency and nature of romantic connection are inevitably changing as well. Has technology changed intimacy for better or for worse? What goals should we be striving toward in romantic relationships, and to what extent does technology help us or hurt us in reaching those goals? How should we interact with technology to best facilitate romantic flourishing – and what does that actually mean today? Come have a brew, share your view, and lend an ear to others'.

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Previous Discussions

January | The Importance of NOT Being Earnest
Our culture seems full of people in frequent outrage. Why is outrage so pervasive? When might anger and outrage be a duty; and when is it wrong? Why is the art of civil disagreement dying and polarization increasing? Are we losing the ability to see what matters much and what doesn’t? What issues to you are worth passion, outrage, or other high emotion – and which are not?

December | One: Still the Loneliest Number
In a sea of humanity and webs of technological connectedness, loneliness is remarkably common. Why? What's the difference between being alone and being lonely? Loneliness is cited as a public health problem – what are its causes and consequences?

November | Forgive and Forget? Cultural Attitudes Toward Forgiveness in 21st Century America
In the wake of a divisive Supreme Court nomination process in which the country was split over whether allegations of past sexual assault should be a deal breaker for confirmation, and with people more ready to protest and declare outrage than ever, more cultural attitudes toward forgiveness are on display than ever. Who or what are we willing to forgive as a society? What kinds of behavior should we forgive? 

October | Free Speech and Hate Speech: Limits from Law and Ethics
In this election season, in this aftermath of the Supreme Court nomination process, in this moment of social media influence and sound bites, the concept of speech and how we use it is more important than ever. What are the uses and limits of free speech today? Are we as free to speak as we think we are? As we want to be? Are there ethical boundaries that should curb our freedom of expression?

September | The Good, the Bad, and the Ivory Tower: American Higher Education and its Discontents
Many people have suggested that higher education in America is a troublesome bubble. Student debt is unsustainable and most students who enter college never graduate. Why has it become so necessary for people to attend these institutions of higher learning? 

August | To Your Health! (Whatever That Is)
What is good health and how do we get there? With all the attention given to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, is being healthy one of the most important values and goals in our culture? What do we mean when we say we want to be healthy? Is there more than one way to be healthy? What is the connection between health and happiness

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