Care & Counseling

We pray that you would see and experience pastoral care, lay counseling, and professional counseling as means of grace in your life and your story as you seek to know God, know yourself, and know others in healthy way.


In the beginning, God created people in His image to enjoy His love and worship Him, and love and serve other people. But Mankind violated this relationship, alienating ourselves and all our descendants from God, from others, and from self. Life is often painful and complicated, yet God has given us the Gospel: "Good, hope-filled news.”

We believe that gospel-centered care & counseling embodies hope:

  • That we can be met with warmth and compassion in our deepest pain
  • That we can learn to love and depend on God by following Jesus
  • That everyone, regardless of their beliefs, can find some amount of healing
  • That our stories can be grieved and celebrated in caring relationship
  • That we can gradually learn to love others boldly and truthfully
  • That we can learn to compassionately care for the needs of ourselves and others
  • And that Jesus will one day return to complete His work of redemption

Pastoral Care and Counseling

Pastoral counseling is counsel provided by pastors, elders or deacons as they provide care. If you are in need of care, we invite you to reach out to one of our local churches. Our pastors, deacons and staff want to meet you where you are and hear your heart.

Deacon Care

Local deacon teams provide care in a variety of ways including prayer, benevolence care or even crisis care for members and attenders. If you are in need of benevolence or temporary assistance with a pressing need, please reach out to one of our local churches.

Care Groups

Care groups are groups centered on providing care for and with participants. Groups may focus on specific issues like grief or chronic pain. They may also be professional counseling care groups through Karis House or lay led by trained and skilled members of The Journey.

Your Next Step

To get connected with Pastoral Care & Counseling, Deacon Care, or Care Groups, fill out the info form of the local Journey church nearest you.


Professional Counseling

Professional counseling is counseling with a person who has or is working toward a Master’s degree in Counseling and licensure. Karis House, a ministry of The Journey, provides professional counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Scholarships are available for those that qualify.

If you are in need of professional counseling, we invite you to connect with the team over at Karis House, who can help match you with a counselor.

Marital & Premarital Mentoring & Classes

MR. & MRS. is a 4 week class on marriage that helps engaged and newly married couples. Along with the class, couples are matched with a mentor couple to walk with them as they prepare. The class or its equivalent is a requirement to have a Journey Pastor officiate a wedding.

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