Production Systems Intern


  1. Background in live or studio A/V production, IT, or other related discipline
  2. Strong people skills
  3. Functional competency in area of desired focus
  4. Organized and reliable
  5. Technically-minded
  6. Eager to learn
  7. Familiarity with live production environments preferred
  8. Interested in serving the local church

Basic Job Description

The Production Systems Intern in the Technology Department will get to grow in technical and relational skills while actively serving The Journey’s local churches in key, hands-on roles. This position will have active involvement in weekend services on the Production Team, as well as assisting the Technology Department in mid-week projects, providing tech support for special events, and A/V system maintenance. This role will be/is successful when the Technology Department experiences confidence in this person to cover production needs at services and/or events and the intern experiences professional development.

Possible Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Fill key weekend service production role
  2. Provide tech support for mid-week events
  3. Assist on production system related installs
  4. Edit and distribute weekly sermon video
  5. Assist on church production system maintenance
  6. Participate in team meetings focused on development and collaboration
  7. Study individually tailored development material
  8. Execute training of local church volunteers

Status: Part-time intern, for academic credit only

Weekly Schedule: Saturday-Sunday services; on-call; available for events and services as needed

Hours: 20 hrs/week

Benefits: N/A

Reports to: Production Systems Specialist