Part-time Director of Journey Kids – Metro East


  1. Fulfills The Journey’s membership requirements as outlined in the membership covenant
  2. Fulfills the character qualifications and duties of deacons as taught in Scripture (1 Timothy 3:8-13)
  3. Ability to teach children about God and His ways in an age-appropriate fashion
  4. Ability to equip/counsel parents to train their children to be disciples of Jesus
  5. Ability to train and lead volunteer teachers and classroom assistants
  6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Basic Job Description

The Director of Journey Kids is responsible for oversight and leadership of the Journey Kids ministry at Metro East. The director’s aim is to cultivate the gospel in the next generation and engage families through age-appropriate, gospel-centered worship, equipping and empowering parents as the primary spiritual influence in their children’s spiritual development. This role will be responsible for recruiting and training volunteers and teachers to fulfill and lead the Journey Kids weekend service classrooms, overseeing appropriate curriculum selection and implementation, and developing strategies to grow the Journey Kids program at Metro East.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Create and implement an over-arching discipleship pathway for children, as well as a scope and sequence for the equipping of parents
  2. Develop and implement ministry vision and goals for Journey Kids at Metro East
  3. Implement the core principles and practices of Journey family ministries
  4. Plan and execute weekend Journey Kids classes for Metro East
  5. Evaluate and recommend the creation of new classes and classrooms
  6. Create a team leadership structure to effectively lead specific areas of ministry
  7. Recruit, train, lead, coordinate, and care for the Journey Kids teachers and volunteers
  8. Recruit, lead, and oversee volunteers and/or staff to assist with administrative tasks and scheduling
  9. Organize and lead training as needed for volunteers across Journey Kids
  10. Collaborate with Journey Kids global network to select age-appropriate curriculum for use globally; provide training
  11. Collaborate with the spiritual formation team to ensure alignment of mission and vision, as well as overall preparedness of children transitioning from Journey Kids to Journey Students
  12. Provide care for Journey Kids leadership team to extend that to teachers and volunteers
  13. Communicate ministry needs with parents, the church, and leadership
  14. Work with spiritual formation team to address any family crisis care needs
  15. Collaborate with Journey Kids global network on large equipping events
  16. Attend weekly Metro East staff meetings and monthly all-staff meetings
  17. All other duties as assigned

Status: Part-time, non-exempt

Hours: 25 hours/week

Benefits: 403b, cell phone reimbursement, accrued vacation and sick leave

Reports to: Metro East Pastor of Spiritual Formation