West County September Newsletter

By West County on September 1st, 2018

September 2018
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Church Family,

As I was preparing the message two weeks ago (Passing the Baton - Psalm 78), I was struck by the emphasis the psalmist puts on remembering and recounting the works of God. He must have known how forgetful I would be! When I don’t remember, I don't have anything to recount. And then it’s not only me who suffers, but the next generation.

What a privilege it is that God invites us to invest in the next generation. Telling those who are younger (and/or younger in the faith) about the glorious works of God leads to rejoicing in the hearts of others, but also in our own hearts, too.

The beautiful thing about His exhortation is that all of us, no matter where we are in our spiritual journey, have someone (or multiple someones!) who would benefit from our investment. When Jesus gave the Great Commission, He gave it to everyone who would follow Him. All of us are to “make disciples” wherever God has placed us. Simply put, as we go about our lives, we are to help others follow Jesus.

It was fun last Sunday to celebrate some of the ways people in our midst are already doing this. And I hope you saw that investment in the next generation can look different from person to person. I invite you to listen to God’s call and experience the joy of investing in the next generation.

If you are sensing God tugging on your heart but are unsure how to move forward, don’t be discouraged. We all have a next step to take. Here are some opportunities to help you grow in God’s Word and deepen your sense of community.

We are a family, and therefore, we have a responsibility to remind each other of all that God has done. Thankfully, He has given us His word and each other! But we have to take advantage of both if we want to be faithful. My prayer for our church is that we would take our responsibility seriously so that generations to come would put their hope in God.  

Hoping in God,
Pastor Scott


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