West County October Newsletter

By The Journey on October 1st, 2017



Dear Church Family,

Hopefully by now you’ve had time to read Pastor Jeremy’s letter that was sent out last week.  I, personally, found his reflections encouraging and hope you did as well.  In the weeks and months ahead, we will be talking about things we can do to be part of God’s redemptive work in our city.   

For those of you who are interested, Karen Stewart and Aaron Layton will be leading a four-week class starting Monday, October 23, looking into the reasons we have such differing thoughts and opinions surrounding the issue of race.  One of the main goals for the class is to facilitate open discussion that will hopefully lead to greater understanding of one another.  You can register for the class on our website.

Not only has God clearly called us to be engaged in His work in our city, He has also called us to be engaged in His work around the world.  To that end, during the month of October, we will be sharing stories of how God is using people at The Journey in His global mission.  This Sunday, October 8, Sam Stephens from the India Gospel League will be with us to update us on how God is working in India.

God is at work in our church, our city, our country and around the world.  While it can be tempting to doubt that reality as we see brokenness around us, especially the recent events in Las Vegas, remember that we serve an all-powerful God.  He welcomes our prayers, so let’s ask Him to comfort those who lost loved ones in this tragedy, heal those who were injured and draw us closer to one another and to Himself.  He is able to do far more than we ask or imagine.  Let’s pray big prayers and trust that the One who is in control, who is working all things together for our good, will conform us more and more to the image of His Son.

Christ is All,

Pastor Scott


A Message from Deacon Coordinator Spencer Thomas

“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”  –Matthew 25:40

West County is approaching the 2-year mark since establishing an organized deacon ministry! This is a huge praise! Our team is definitely still learning and growing, but what a privilege it is to have men and women dedicated to serving our church.

As the ministry becomes more established, we are seeking to expand our sphere of influence for the betterment of His church. Currently, we are working towards organizing and streamlining the church’s ministry to vulnerable and orphaned children.

On October 15th at 10 AM, we will be hosting a gathering in the back conference room to help this ministry gain some momentum. We plan to spotlight some of the current strategies our church has undertaken to serve the orphaned and vulnerable children in our midst as well as brainstorm new ways to improve our efforts. We hope to see you there!


Serving Opportunity

Occasionally, the need arises in our church to find housing for someone who has fallen upon hard times. This can happen for many reasons, but one thing that remains true is that these requests are rather time sensitive.

This usually results in a scramble of emails and phone calls as we seek to find a place that fits the need. In an effort to be more proactive in this type of hospitality, we are seeking to form a "First Contact" list of people who are able and potentially willing to host people in their home short term. We realize that hosting is complicated.

Please know that if you do sign up, there will be further training and support from The Journey, and that right now we are simply assessing willingness and availability from you all, our church congregation.

Please email Spencer Thomas to let us know you’re interested in serving the church in this way. After we have gathered folks who are interested, he will then reach out with more details. Thank you for your consideration!



Staff | Elder Spotlight  


Describe your role at WC:
I am an elder at The Journey WC

Tell us about your family:
I have been married to Gretchen for 23 years.  We have two children, Caleb 17 and Kalei 16. They attend Westminster Christian Academy.

Favorite restaurant in West County:
PF Chang's

Describe your ideal Saturday:
Rise early, grab a cup of coffee, sit on the porch and let my thoughts settle — they often settle on God, then I talk to God and let him talk to me. After about an hour on the porch with God, I go to the gym and work out, then I return home and invite my wife to the porch with coffee and we talk for 1-2 hours, then my kids come out to the porch, say good morning and offer hugs. I then go to do yard work for a few hours, take a shower and then take the fam to dinner. Once back home, Gretchen and I spend the rest of the night together.

How can we, your church family, be praying for you?

  • to financially be able to put both of our kids through college without us or them going into debt
  • that I would be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to get angry
  • discernment, direction, wisdom, patience
  • protection for me and my African American son

Do you have any recent book recommendations?

  1. (Shameless Plug) Dear White Christian -Aaron Layton
  2. Small Great Things -Jodi Picoult
  3. Hillbilly Elegy -JD Vance
  4. The End of White Christian America -Robert P. Jones



 —from elder Josh Jaworowski—

Did you know there are over 230 holidays that are celebrated by at least someone here in the United States? You might roll your eyes at some of them — Buffet Day, Organize Your Home Day, Thesaurus Day... but what about Puppy Day, Donut Day or the most recently, Coffee Day? Don’t try to deny it — we’ve seen the photos on social media!! The month of October brings about a special celebration — a whole month dedicated to celebrating our pastors!  

The life of a pastor is full of ups and downs. Being a pastor is often referred to as one of the most difficult and demanding vocations out there. A pastor’s work can be hard to measure. How exactly do you assess spiritual growth within a congregation?  And the demands of caring for the flock can be overwhelming —sickness, broken relationships, tragedy, death.

The local congregation is uniquely positioned to be of great encouragement to their pastors, but can also unknowingly wound them. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read the following articles that highlight some of the ways we, as the church, can lift up our pastors and avoid hurting them as they strive to honor the Lord and serve the local church through their work.

Let’s spend October honoring our pastors and their families who have devoted so much of their lives to serving us!


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