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By West County on March 1st, 2018

MARCH 2018


Church Family,

Throughout this season of Lent, Amy and I have been reading a daily devotional, 40 Days of Decrease, by Alicia Britt Chole. We often think of Lent as a time of fasting from indulgences like chocolate, social media, and daily lattes. While I know such fasts can be helpful as we seek greater intimacy with Jesus, this book suggests a very different approach to fasting. Chole writes about heart-fasts; fasting from things like regret, comparison, avoidance and criticism. While reading one of the recent daily devotionals, I found myself thinking about our church. We live in a culture where it is all too easy to believe the lie that in order to be accepted, we need to ‘have it all together.’ This belief impacts our emotional health, keeping us from being vulnerable with our closest family and friends, but it is particularly damaging to our spiritual health. Chole writes:

“We weaken - not strengthen - our faith when we silence sincere questions. Faith in Christ is not an airy substance that rests on unquestioning souls. Biblical faith is muscular, thickened more through trials than ease. The Author of our faith is more than able to address the identity crises His unexpected words and ways may trigger.” 

If you’ve been around The Journey very long, you’ve hopefully heard us say that we are a place for flawed, imperfect people. We don’t show up each week because we have it all together – we show up because we desperately need Jesus. These aren’t just words to us. Thankfully, we worship a God who doesn’t expect us to have it all together. In fact, He knows that we don’t, and He loves us anyway. We are all broken and face times when questions and doubts creep in. Chole urges us to ask hard questions and fast seeking a ‘tidy’ faith. She goes on to say:

“Who are we? Christ’s beloved. We are loved when making bold proclamations near cool waters under sunny skies. We are loved when asking sincere questions in dark cells in darker times. We are loved.”  

As we approach Easter, let’s be honest enough to admit we don't have it all together. Allow your faith to be a bit messy. Be honest with yourself and with others, but most importantly be honest with God. Our questions don’t make God nervous. He not only can handle them, but He welcomes them.  

I’m looking forward to celebrating our risen Lord with you this coming Easter!

In Him,
Pastor Scott


With spring break happening right around the corner, a number of our serving families will be out of town one or more weekends.  We ​are already taking steps to ensure that we can accommodate as many kids as possible, be ​we ​do ​anticipate ​there may be challenges in the weeks ahead.

If you are already on the Journey Kids team and would like to serve an additional weekend, or if you are not yet serving on the Journey Kids team and would like to begin serving, we would love to talk with you. You can email Amy Childers.


What is the Board of Directors?
The Board is the legally responsible entity for The Journey. We gather bi-weekly to help guide the church through challenges and toward opportunities God is putting before us. Our work encompasses everything from evaluating and responding to requested changes in spending, staffing, and ministry support to how to best help a little boy whose foot got burned on a playground. We work closely with staff and with the Finance Board to see and set new direction and make a budget that fits our mission.

How is the Board of Directors staffed? 
The Board of Directors is comprised of staff leaders and lay elders. It will always include The Journey’s Lead Pastor, and lay elders are added with the goal of providing gifts of discernment and direction found in elders with demonstrated love for Christ’s bride and who are called to servant-leadership. According to our bylaws, the President and Treasurer of the Board must be lay elders. Lay elder candidates are usually recognized in all elder meetings, then are recommended by their local pastors and elder teams and vetted by the current Board. The group needs to be small enough to work together effectively, while providing disparate experiences and views within our shared mission and vision.  

Who are the current members?  
Steve Brewer: Secretary, Director of Ministry Support and Tower Grove elder
Jeremy Bedenbaugh: Lead Pastor, The Journey
Rich Pierce: Board President and Hanley Road elder
Joel Steele: Board Treasurer and Tower Grove elder; liaison to Finance Committee
Josh Jaworowski: Board lay member and West County elder
Brent Thies: Board lay member and West County elder; liaison to Finance Committee

Recently Transitioned Off:
Tim Yeadon: Board President, 2013-2017
Josiah Cox: Board Treasurer, 2009-2013, 2015-2017

Areas for Growth:
We long to grow in diversity of our leadership and in experience in engaging culture.

Get to Know Us!
We long to know and be known and to share the abundant life we have in Jesus with the whole Journey family. You can always reach us by email.

Rich Pierce, President

Don't forget to visit our website and check out upcoming events happening in Manchester and Ballwin. All of these events are things you can do with family, friends and even your community group! Get out there, meet our neighbors, make new friends and have some fun while being a light!

              AMY CHILDERS

Describe your job at WC:
I have the pleasure of serving as the Director of Journey Kids, which means I am responsible for oversight and leadership of our children’s ministry. My goal is to cultivate the gospel in the next generation and engage families through age appropriate, gospel-centered worship, equipping and empowering parents as the primary spiritual influence in their children’s spiritual development. Practically, that looks like recruiting and training volunteers, equipping parents with discipleship resources, making sure our JK spaces are ready for Sunday mornings, caring for families with kiddos ages infant-5th grade, and sometimes even cutting out hearts for crafts on Sunday mornings. 

Tell us about your family:
I come from a tight knit family. My parents, John and Jeannie, live in south county. My dad serves as the senior pastor at South County Baptist Church, and my mom works as an ELL teacher in the Lindbergh School District. I have one sister, Jennifer. She is a PhD student at The University of Tennessee. She is studying Genome Science and Technology. I also have a 3-year-old fur-baby, Eugene. He enjoys spending his days barking at the cars and cats who taunt him from afar and having his belly rubbed. 

Favorite restaurant in West County:
Pi Pizzeria. You have to order the garlic bread with melted mozzarella!

Describe your ideal Saturday:
An ideal Saturday for me would be a relaxing day spent with my dearest friends or family enjoying a good meal and good movies. 

How can we, your church family, be praying for you?
Having recently moved back to St. Louis and started a new job, I am walking into an exciting new season. Pray that I would find my stride in life and at work as I settle into this new season. You can also be praying for me as I look to purchase a home in the west county area. 

Do you have any recent book recommendations?
Currently on my night stand I have Show Them Jesus by Jack Klumpenhower, The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skeet, and The Midwife Trilogy by Jennifer Worth.

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