The Peace God Gives

By The Journey on November 1st, 2019

Happy November Journey family!

Fall is a season that goes by quickly. No sooner have summer vacations and activities ended, than school resumes, schedules fill up, and the holidays swiftly approach.

We shared with you in September an update on our senior pastor search and Curtis’ candidacy for this role. While there is continued progress being made in the interview process with Curtis, there is not much new to share about the search at this time. We ask that you please continue to pray for Curtis and the team – and it is our hope to provide an update to you in the next few weeks.

For a long time, it’s been a conviction of the Board of Elders to communicate more consistently with local churches. What we recognize is that the majority of our communications to you focus on more formal updates about the life of our church. It is our desire, at other times, to have the opportunity to share with you what God is putting on our hearts as a means of encouragement to you. 

That being said, God has been encouraging me recently from the book of Philippians – specifically about the peace His Spirit gives. In Philippians, Paul offers help to those of us who are in Christ and yet struggle with anxiety regarding the cares and worries of this life. He says to pray, to give supplication (and to do this prayer and supplication, this humble petition) with thanksgiving, letting our requests be made known to the Lord.

The promise attached to our prayer is wonderful and life-giving. Paul writes, “and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” A peace from God, through the Spirit of God, grounded in Christ, will guard our hearts and minds; it will protect our thinking and protect our hearts. 

But the incredible thing about this peace is that it will surpass all of our understanding! It will be transcendent in where it comes from (from God!) and in its activity, and it will not be dependent upon us for it to be effective in our lives and situations. This peace is beyond us, or even “above” us – something that surpasses our understanding yet comes to us where we are, meeting us, embracing us, calming us, letting us know we’re loved by God, cared for, and heard through the Holy Spirit. It reminds us that in God we have all we need.

What a gracious relief! I pray that for you, and for our church, we would all be reminded of the goodness, kindness, and faithfulness of God in this provision. The peace He offers is available to us who are in Him. May we lean into that reality in full trust and faith. 

In Christ,
Jeff Fox on behalf of the Board of Elders