Southern Illinois February Newsletter

By Southern Illinois on January 31st, 2018

February 2018 Newsletter
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February 2018 


Are you enjoying the Read Scripture Plan & the Videos?
Don't worry if you are behind or haven't started, jump in anyway! It's easy to get started, just download the Read Scripture App. 


Some Helpful Hints to get started: Go into your Settings on your App

  • You can choose to set up Daily Reminder Notifications.
  • Set your Reading Style to Read Every Day 
  • Start date is January 01, 2018. 
  • Set your Font size 
  • Select to show the verse numbers of the text

Also, to help catch up, use a bible app (like the ESV Bible App) and have the Scripture read to you. It certainly helps with the pronunciation of the many names.

If you want to learn more about The Bible Project & the Read Scripture program, 
Click on THIS LINK  

Here is a video of Pastor Jordan encouraging you in your Read Scripture Bible reading and answering some of the common questions. 

Below is our 4th installment of articles written by individuals in our congregation. We wanted you to benefit from their writing talents and insights into Scripture.

Live Differently

Inviting Jesus Into Your Daily Life by Neil Clayton

H.G. Wells, with his 1895 book The Time Machine, made famous the idea of time travel. More recently, Marty McFly in the “Back to the Future” movie trilogy traveled through time trying to fix parts of the present by messing with the past. I have always enjoyed being a student of history, watching with keen interest, how mankind lived out their daily lives with the tools and tricks they had available. Through the many societal revolutions, humanity has advanced and adapted in leaps and bounds. The Agricultural, Industrial, Scientific­Technical, and the most recent Information Revolution each in their own distinct and significant way have all redesigned how our daily lives are lived out.




2 - Mom's Connect Group Valentine Party 9:00am
4-18 Women's Discipleship Sign ups
11 - Care Team Ministry Meeting 8:30am
14 - Ash Wednesday Service 6:30pm
18- Student Lunch Fundraiser 11:30am
4 - Women's Kick Off Luncheon
11 - Daylight Savings Time Begins
We want to welcome sweet Lyndi-Kate Oakley born on January 19 to Micah & Alisha. As you can tell by the picture, her big brother & sister love her!
If you would like to catch up on our recent sermon series from Pastor Jordan on the Gospel of Luke, use THIS LINK:
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