Hanley Road March Newsletter

By Hanley Road on March 20th, 2018


It was said of Beethoven, perhaps the greatest composer of all time, that music was so demanding a mistress that he could have no other. Beethoven never married. 

The author John Stott, widely regarded as one of the greatest Christian thinkers of the twentieth century, like Beethoven, never married. The Word of God was so demanding a mistress that he could have no other. 

Stott was an English Anglican Priest and rector for twenty five years of All Souls, Langham Place in London. John Stott wrote fifty books and in 2005 Time Magazine ranked him among the 100 most influential people in the world. At the age of sixty he penned his masterpiece, The Cross of Christ. 

The Cross of Christ rises to the challenge of the most important theme of Christianity. I am grateful for Mr. Stott and his influence on my faith and understanding of who God is, as seen through the blazing center of God's glory, the cross of Christ. 

My faith and trust is most challenged in the face of the accumulation of human suffering.  I turn frequently to The Cross Of Christ for help against my unbelief.  Stott arrested my attention when I first read, toward the end of his book, his own admission: “I could never myself believe in God, if it were not for the cross. The cross is proof of God’s solidary love, that is, of his personal loving solidarity with us in our pain.”
“There are not many ‘must read’ books-books that belong on every minister’s shelf and on the shelves of thoughtful laypersons who want a better grasp of what is central in Scripture-but this is one of them.”  D.A. Carson
I pray that you find attachment and love of the books that challenge you or cause you to grow ever deeper in love with our Father, and His Word.
Pastor Rusty

The Journey's longest running partner ministry, Midrash St. Louis seeks to create opportunities for conversations that matter - discussing timely cultural topics and issues of deep significance. 

One way that Midrash provides space for people of all faiths and backgrounds to dialogue is through their monthly installment of Theology at the Bottleworks. Held the third Wednesday of each month at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, Theology at the Bottleworks is a fantastic example of respectful and thoughtful conversation. You'll find the link to this month's topic - "Transhumanism, Science Fiction, and the Future of Humanity" - listed below. 

A new venture for Midrash is geared toward encouraging Christians through their podcast, "Christianity & Culture: The Midrash Podcast." We're excited to hear from our Midrash friends more frequently in this new platform! 

We're looking forward to celebrating our first Easter in our new location at 829 N. Hanley Road! As you make your Easter plans, please be prayerful about who God is placing on your heart to invite!

Sunday, April 15th
Newcomer Lunch | 12:30pm | Hanley Road

Wednesday, April 18th
Theology at the Bottleworks | 6:30pm | Schlafly Bottleworks

Friday, April 27th
Women's Ministry Rest & Reset with Nala Pop-Up Shop | 6:30pm | Hanley Road

Sunday, April 29th
Baptism Sunday | 9:00am and 11:00am | Hanley Road

Friday, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th
Women's Ministry Camping Trip| Robertsville State Park

Thursday, May 31st
One Church Worship Night | 7:00am | Hanley Road

Every Wednesday
Mom's Playdate | 9:00am | UCity Home
Community Group | 7:30pm | Hanley Road

Every Friday
Mom's Walk and Talk | 9:00am | UCity Home

Every Sunday
Services | 9:00am and 11:00am | Hanley Road
Prayer | 9:15am | Prayer Chapel

Please email infohr@thejourney.org with questions on any of these events! More details to follow on thejourney.org/hr