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By Joe on January 22nd, 2018

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Happy New Year everybody!  

We have newness in abundance.  New year, new month, new week, new building, new ministries – and his mercies: new every morning.

I love new as it signifies opportunity.  Of course opportunities can turn into danger if we approach them with the wrong mindset, namely a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset.

Mindset is a book written by Carol Dweck examining two mindsets; the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.  She discusses how these attitudes impact our lives in a variety of areas.

The Fixed Mindset: This mindset believes that your qualities are carved in stone; they are fixed and thus one has to constantly prove they are right and of value.  Every situation calls for a confirmation of your intelligence, ability and worth.  When faced with failure or a weakness the fixed mindset tends to wither, criticize,  blame shift and walk away.  

The Growth Mindset: This mindset accepts the hand you are dealt with and seeks to improve, grow, accept challenges as opportunities for development.  This is the mindset that allows one to thrive in the face of difficulty and will often add the word “yet” at the end of a statement.  “I’m not competent enough…yet.”

Not everyone enthusiastically embraces change and difficulty.  The fixed mindset, focused on traits that are permanent, fears change and has a fear of failure.  In this world failure means you are not smart enough or good enough.  The growth mindset acknowledges the shortcoming as a trigger to exert more effort.

Our attitudes, our faith, our resolves are worthy of our examination.  Let’s determine together to be a people effective and fruitful…and to live from a strength and wisdom that Jesus supplies so that HE receives the glory in all we do and who we are. Read the book!

Pastor Rusty

First Services | January 7, 2018

On Sunday, January 7th we held our first services in our new University City location! It was an amazing time of celebration and thanks to God for His clear provision and direction. Each decision made, plan approved, and to-do list checked was for God's glory, with expectation that this building will be used to share the hope-filled news of the Gospel. 

Representatives from the Kol Rinah congregation joined us in worship and we are ecstatic to see our partnership develop and grow! We believe that this is a special season for both of our congregations. We will kick off this time of sharing space with a "Taste of the Holy Land" shared meal on January 28th. We encourage you to RSVP by January 22nd and enjoy this incredible opportunity to share delicious food and meet someone new!

A huge "Thank You" to each of you who volunteered your time and resources to make this move happen! This was truly a collective effort to get the building and our ministry spaces ready, and while we still have tweaks to make as we adjust, our first Sunday was smooth and full of great feedback! That was only possible because of the many volunteer hands who claimed, "This is my church!" and generously gave of themselves. 

The final construction elements will be done soon, and we'll find a rhythm of ministry in our new space, but our prayer is that each of us will bodly claim, "This is my church!" and with enthusiasm, fill our building with family and neighbors and new friends who are eager to hear and receive the love of Jesus!

Production Team

Through the month of February, we will be training volunteers to use our new production - audio, visual, lighting - equipment. We have a great opportunity to train under a professional contractor for the next several weeks.  

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact Alison Funke at afunke@thejourney.org. We would love to welcome new volunteers to our Production team!

Meal Train Ministry

We often have Hanley Road attenders in need of some help, care and prayer. Having a child, dealing with a health issue or encountering one of life's many other transition moments might find our Hanley friends in need of a meal or help around the house. 

If you'd like to help, you'll find a listing of those opportunities via the link below!

Hanley Road Meal Trains

We are excited to offer watercolor prints as a beautiful memory of our Clayton building. 

These prints will be available forpurchase until January 30th. 

4"x6": $10
5"x7": $15

You can see a sample of the prints at the Welcome Center each Sunday in January. We hope this offering serves as a sweet reminder of our celebration and ministry in Clayton. 

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