What is Journey Multiply?

Journey Multiply represents the shared initiatives of The Journey. These ministries and partnerships flow out of our Core Values and emphasize kingdom renewal and transformation from our neighborhoods to the nations.

Supporting and staffing these ministries through the collective efforts of our Journey churches multiplies our impact and reach.

What are we “Multiplying”?

“1 person. 1 church. 1 neighborhood. 1 nation. History is overflowing with examples of individuals making profound impact on neighborhoods and nations. But, what if, instead of 1, we had 5.

5 churches (and hundreds of people) joining our energy, resources and prayers together to change our city and beyond. Imagine what we could do? This is Journey Multiply. It's our joined effort in seeing our city and beyond awakened to and transformed by the love of Jesus. God has called us to a big vision that will require you, me and everything we are and have to see neighborhoods changed, marriages restored, families healed, churches planted, missionaries sent out. Join me in this.”

- Pastor Curtis

What are the Ministries of Journey Multiply?

Karis House
Providing affordable, gospel-centered counseling to help restore your relationship with God, self and others.
Mobilize 100
Equipping and sending followers of Jesus to the neighborhoods and the nations.
The Journey Collective
Supporting and deploying creatives to use their gifts and stories to make the unseen seen.
Theology at the Bottleworks
Culture commentary and discussion for the religious and irreligious.
Family Matters
Cross-cultural, cross-church opportunities to learn and discuss differences.
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Partner with us financially to see our city awakened and transformed by the love of Jesus.