Corbin Petersen

The Journey South County

It’s really hard for me not to feel disgusted with myself and ashamed of my ignorance to what the African-American community has faced every day. Since moving to St. Louis 10 years ago, the Lord has begun the long process of opening my eyes to the pain and injustice STILL FELT by the black community, and the privilege I’ve had all my life leading me to believe it didn’t exist.  But I am FAR from “woke,” that's for sure. Sabrine Rhodes shared on Facebook the other day how many white Americans are more worried about not looking racist than they are about fighting racism, and that’s really caused me to examine my own heart and repent to the Lord of the ways that reality has been true of me. I don’t want to be a passive part of the problem anymore – I want to be an active part of the solution. I feel ill-equipped to do so, but I’m committed to learning, listening, loving, and leaning in, knowing that my God uses the least of these to change the world for His glory.