In this moment marked by scenes of violence, injustice, and human brokenness, how can we respond? Pastor Curtis shares six ways: we can lament, lean in, look in the mirror, learn out loud, live out loud, and leverage our privilege for others.

This present moment will pass, but the reality of pain, injustice, racism, the forgotten, the vulnerable, and the oppressed will not leave. And neither, Church, should we.

Learn Out Loud

Bravely sharing our personal learning and struggles regarding racism and injustice, personal and systemic, past and present.

Responding to This Present Moment

We Lament.

We, as Christians, are called to lament. To sit in the gap of what would be if sin and brokenness did not exist compared to what is.

We Lean In.

Our temptation would be to look away, to wait until the headlines change. But God allows certain things to cross our gaze for our good and His glory. So as you see images and headlines and hashtags, your goal should not be to look away, but to lean in and ask, “What is God showing me? Teaching me? Revealing to me?”

We Learn Out Loud.

As Christ-followers, we are called to be marked by courage and humility. We are marked by courage – we speak privately and publicly, yet humbly. While we can express our convictions against something, we must also humbly admit when we are confused, when we are outraged. We must humbly admit when we have areas of indifference, areas of frustration, areas of bias and hypocrisy. We humbly and courageously seek understanding, ask questions, and we listen.

We Live Out Loud.

This Jesus we worship and give ourselves to was despised and rejected by mankind. He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He risked reputation and sacrificed his comfort and his safety. He was close to the broken, to the vulnerable, to the forgotten, and they found safety in him. Does this describe you? Does this describe your family? Church, does this describe us?

We Leverage Our Privilege for Others.

Whether based on gender or race, education, gifts, resources, personality, or position, each of us possesses privilege granted to us by society. The question is never whether you have privilege, but what is your privilege? Where does your voice carry weight? Where does your influence produce change? Identify those who you are called to leverage your privilege for, to give it away, and to spend energy doing that.