HR | Meal Distribution at UCity Schools

Tuesdays, morning and early afternoon shifts

In the midst of taking precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our area, we recognize that there are those in our community who are vulnerable. Among the most vulnerable are students and families in low income areas. Many families in our area depend on the meals offered through their local schools to feed their children and do not have the economic means to easily replace these meals. 

To this end, the University City School District has been providing food for their students on various weekdays for meals. Volunteers are needed to help by handing out to-go meals to cars as they drive up. 

There are two shifts to serve: A morning setup/distribution shift or afternoon distribution/clean up shift. Gloves will be provided. Every precaution will be taken to minimize contact, and hand washing facilities and sanitizer will be available. If you own a mask, please bring this with you when you come to volunteer. Other safety precautions are listed on the sign up pages below. 

Amazingly, this program is able to provide each child 15 meals for the week! Schools at all UCity locations are in need of volunteers to help distribute meals.
For those who have elevated risk factors (the elderly, immunosuppressed, or those with preexisting conditions), participating directly may not be an option for you. We ask that you would support by covering our schools and volunteers in prayer. For those who do not have elevated risk factors, with the precautions taken, this is a great opportunity to love and serve the most vulnerable among us right here in U-City. 

If you have any questions, please email