HR | Groups Information

In this unique season, our church has begun transferring some of its existing groups (Community Groups, classes, studies, etc.) into a virtual medium. From our website, you'll be able to access what virtual groups we have available that are open for anyone to join. You can search through groups by church location, and some groups you can join even if you don't attend that Journey location. Our hope is to make sure that our existing communities are accessible in a time of social distancing. Additionally, our hope is that we would be able to continue to use groups once we are meeting back in person again. Below are the categories for the types of groups our church has available.


Community Groups are for those who want to build genuine community with others in close proximity to their home. Ideally, these groups meet weekly and become familial in nature, providing care, accountability, and spiritual friendship for one another.

Connect Groups are for those looking for others who share a common interest or life stage. In a large church, it can sometimes be difficult to identify those who share commonalities. These groups are a great way to get started in building relationships.

Content Groups are for those that want to learn with others. Whether a book study, Equip Class, or Right Now Media resource, those who want to study and grow can do so alongside others.

City Groups are for those who share a passion to serve our city and want to engage and serve with others who share the same passion. These groups can serve together and can also learn and grow in their understanding of our city together.

Care Groups are for those that have a shared need for support. These groups are led by a church leader who can provide spiritual guidance and counsel while those in the group support one another.