HR | Fall Equip Classes 2020

Even though we are still living in a socially distant reality, we still have opportunities to pursue learning God's truths together! The first Equip Class is scheduled to launch on Sunday, September 13th. We will also have some offered in October. Equip Classes will be virtual for this semester. If you have any questions, please email our staff at


Class Selections:

Christians and Politics

Beginning September 13th

I’m sure you have heard the unofficial “rules” of Thanksgiving dinner: don’t talk about politics or religion. We are going to go ahead and disregard that sentiment and talk about both and how they relate to each other. How does our faith play out in our view and participation in politics? What are the dangers? Who is the example to follow? How can/should we engage in politics?
We're going to be tackling these questions together in this three-week Equip Class. We'll begin meeting on September 13th over Zoom (7 p.m.) and continue for two more weeks after that.  The class will be co-taught by Hanley Road's Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Bryce Van Deraa and one of our Elders, Aaron Layton.
There will be some very manageable reading every week to prepare for each class. 


Getting at the Root:  A Study on Sin

Beginning October 4th

The scripture does not skirt around the reality of sin. It deceives, ensnares, enslaves, and ultimately brings death. 350 years ago, John Owen, considered the greatest of the English Puritans, wrote extensively about sin, and generations of Christians have commended his writings for their insightfulness and practical worth. In this class, with Owen as our guide, we will be exploring the nature of sin, its workings within us, and how it is to be opposed as we seek to work out our salvation.

Hanley Road member Tim Rohman will be leading this eight-week Equip Class, beginning October 4th (7 p.m.). The class will be held on Zoom. Before each session, there will be an excerpt from Owen to read that will be discussed in class. 


How to Study the Bible: A Simple Approach for Laypeople

Beginning October 14th

As Christians, we often hear that we should study our Bibles more. Many of us would like to, but if we're honest, it can feel daunting. The Bible is a big book, written thousands of years ago, comprised of many genres and styles of literature. How do we study it? Where do we start? Join Pastor Carlos as he walks laypeople through a simple process for understanding and applying the word of God to their lives. 

For the class, students will need to purchase the book Dr. Luke B. Bobo's A Layperson's Guide to Biblical Interpretation: A Means to Know the Personal God. Readings for each class will come from this text. If you are unable to afford to purchase the book, please email

Pastor Carlos will lead this four-week Equip Class beginning on Wednesday night, October 14th at 6:30 p.m. The class will meet over Zoom but will also be streamed to Facebook Live (on The Journey Hanley Road's Facebook page).