Hospitality Resources

Thanks for visiting the Hospitality Resource Page:

Visiting a new church may be fun for some people but can range anywhere from intimidating to anxiety provoking for most others. Thankfully, there are things we can do, as hospitality volunteers, to ease the process. And having this new welcome packet to hand out is a great start!  

Welcome Packet is here! (but Why a welcome packet?)

Having an item to offer someone (welcome packet + gift) gives visitors a reason to stop by the welcome center….which can cut awkwardness for visitors.  And our new welcome packet offers a picture into The Journey’s DNA. It hopefully piques their interest and nudges them toward the next step of either visiting the website, reaching out to meet someone, or maybe attending an event for the first time.

Guidelines specific to Welcome Center volunteers:

1. Smile. (and Google ‘kind eyes’)
2. Fresh breath.  (You think it may not be important, but it is.)
3. Make eye contact
4. Take initiative and greet.
5. Don’t ask “Are you new?”
6. Don’t ask “Is this your first time?”
7. Personal warmth — look like you enjoy welcoming people.
8. Do say “I don’t think I’ve met you yet, I’m {insert your name here}”
9. If they are new, give them a welcome packet (& gift if applicable) …. Notate a next step and maybe your name & number at the bottom of the letter….offer to show them around, (restrooms & sanctuary) and provide information about Journey Kids if necessary.

10. Attempt to make at least 1 additional introduction, ideally someone on staff if possible.
11. Invite guests to provide contact information (fill out a connect card) so the church staff can follow up on their visit; but don’t force anyone to provide information if they’re not comfortable doing so.

Guidelines for all hospitality volunteers:


1. Make direct eye contact with those around you
2. Share a genuine smile!
3. ‘Good Morning’
4. ‘Hi! Can I help you find something?’
5. Be approachable (avoid crossing your arms)



1. Look for those who seem to be new
2. If you’re unsure if someone is new, welcome them!
3. Say ‘Hi! I don’t think we’ve met.  I’m (insert your name here).’
4. Avoid ‘holy huddles’ with your friends when you aren’t serving.



1. ‘I hope you’ll join us next Sunday
2. Invite them to an upcoming event
3. Familiarize yourself with our calendar



1. Make sure new folks have received a bulletin
2. ‘Have you stopped by Welcome Center?’