More About Missions at Hanley Road

Connect With Us

Ask for specifics from any of these people about joining with us:

Pastor Bryce Van Deraa (
Tom & Rachel Applewhite ( and
Jason & Gayla Stoecker ( and
John Bubenik (

They can share with you The Journey’s vision for foreign missions, specific prayer needs, practical ways to bolster missionaries on the field, and how to join in to help extend our vision.

Upcoming Opportunity

Beginning in January 2021, Hanley Road will be hosting a Perspectives course. This is a great way to learn about international missions and learn how to be an effective goer or sender. Their website and registrations are live, which can be accessed HERE.



God is on a mission.

Ever since history began, God has been working in coordinated effort with individuals for specific purposes. Since Abraham, He has had an agenda of blessing individuals that they would be a blessing to others. You can be a part of that long stream of humanity that has partnered with God, being blessed and blessing others. 


All believers have a calling and gifting given by God. Perhaps yours is in the area of missions?  Participation is the best way to determine your calling. 


What if that calling not only could help you grow as a Christian but put you in touch with others who are succeeding in their personal assignment from God? You could rub shoulders with them and compare notes and become even more effective. 

Journey History

Mission has always been important here at The Journey. In the beginning, leadership emphasized that members should be on mission in their neighborhoods. A few years ago the plan changed to include cooperating with God’s desire to bring life and the kingdom to the nations as well. The Journey has a vision of sending 100 of our members to unreached people groups in an effort to cooperate with God’s plan to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to people of every tribe and nation on earth.  The task is big but spectacular things are happening around the planet. Join us. Come learn and grow and serve and see God’s heart for the nations in action!