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Community is at the heart of who we are as a church. It’s all too easy to show up to a weekend service but miss out on real connection – that’s why we’ve made community groups one of the first steps for you to take in becoming a part of life at The Journey.


Each of us has a story to tell. One full of joy, pain, and hope. We believe care and counseling is a beautiful expression of the gospel and the transformation Jesus is after in us – in that it points to God’s intent to restore our relationships – with Him, with others, and with ourselves. Learn more about care.


Your child is not just a name on an attendance sheet in a classroom full of kids. We see the hours spent with your child as holding eternal impact – the lessons we learn together and the activities we do – all aim to cultivate the gospel individually in the hearts and minds of each child.

Community Groups at Your Location


The Journey is one church with five locations – but you’ll experience here that although our churches are located all across the metro area, we see ourselves as one family. Whether we’re gathering together for an evening of community or a night of worship, we celebrate being together.


Upcoming Events at Your Location