WC | Equip Class: Making Sense of the Old Testament

Sundays, January 27 - February 24 | 8:30-10 a.m.

Join us for our next Equip Class, Making Sense of the Old Testament.

On the surface, the Old Testament can seem like a random assortment of bizarre myths and moral tales, but when we dig deeper we find a unified and coherent story of God's work to address the brokenness we see all throughout our world.

In our five weeks together, we'll explore how the 39 books of the Old Testament fit together by reading key passages, discussing major themes, and exploring significant historical and cultural backgrounds. Along the way, we'll discuss how the Old Testament story itself prepares us for the person and work of Jesus and how this story shapes our own sense of identity and purpose.

The hope of this class is that you will come away with a greater enjoyment and engagement of God's Word personally and with others.