TG Expose St. Louis January 2020

Friday, January 31 at 7 P.M.

In his vision sermon, Pastor Curtis challenged us as a congregation to “learn our community”:

“We have to open our eyes and look. Where are the gaps where the
glory of God is not fully seen and materialized? Let’s lean into those
gaps. When we see gaps we have to say, ‘Not on my watch’!” Your
heart can’t beat for that which you don’t know.”

Here at Tower Grove, we are taking a step of obedience by creating opportunities for you to do just this: “Open your eyes and look”. Over the course of the next several months we will offer an “Expose” opportunity for us to learn together about gaps in our city. The last Friday of each month, at 7 pm, we will bring in an expert from our community to help us learn about an area of brokenness that we might not otherwise recognize or understand.

This will be a place to listen, ponder, discuss and learn with others in The Journey community. It will be a safe space to ask what often feel like “dumb” questions, or contemplate how to rightly respond.

January's event:
January 31: Sex Trafficking in St. Louis,
Speaker: Dedee Lhamon, CEO/Founder The Covering House