TG Equip Class Spiritual Gifts

Sundays starting January 26 at 10:30 A.M.

What are spiritual gifts? Why are they important? What are they for? How do I know what my spiritual gifts are? How should I be using my Spiritual gifts? How do we as a church view Spiritual Gifts? Do you have any of these questions? The Spiritual Gifts Equip Class will answer them and much more. This will be an interactive class where participants will connect, learn and grow together. Participants will explore their personal make-up to see how it points to their personal calling and learn how to confirm, cultivate and use their spiritual gifting for the building up of the body, the spreading of the gospel and the glorification of the Lord. The goal of this class is that as a family we will be more equipped to use our spiritual gifts to Enjoy Grace, Embody Love, and Engage Culture.