Premarital Classes August 2019

Starts Saturday, August 10 at 8:30 a.m.

Marriage is an important relationship, one that we believe reflects God’s unconditional love for humanity (Eph. 5), and is meant to be a lifelong covenant commitment between one man and one woman. We want to help you prepare for a marriage that will flourish. Our premarital program consists of a series of four group classes. Couples are paired with a mentor couple who will walk through the program with you. The classes and mentoring are open to engaged and recently married couples.

Register here for Premarital Classes to be held on August 10 & 24 and September 7 & 21 .
The four classes meet on Saturday mornings from 8:30am-NOON at The Journey Tower Grove in Reber Basement.

Aug. 10 - 101 | Marriage

Aug. 24 - 201 | Communication and Personal Styles

Sept. 7 - 301 | Communication about Money

Sept. 21 - 401 | Communication about Sex

The cost covers classes, breakfasts, materials, DISC personality profile and mentoring with a married couple. The cost is $125 per couple- two people, one price, one registration. FYI: In the PCO registration, if you identify more than one attendee, it may appear each person is $125. There is a 100% discount applied at checkout for the second person which will resolve the total to $125/couple.