Oasis International Volunteer Event

Sunday at 10:00 A.M.

Oasis International is providing an opportunity for us to show the light of Jesus Christ this holiday season to refugees. We can provide store bought gifts, bake cookies and/or deliver the items to the families.

Four options - 
1.) Buy a $15 gift card for a teenager
2.) Buy a small gift for a teenager which will accompany the gift card (gloves, hats, scarf, soaps, etc.) 
3.) Bake cookies (box them by the dozen)
4.) Deliver the gifts on December 14th @ 9:30 am. This last until 12:00 or 1:00. Staying to visit is important. They often say, "You, are the gift!"

Gifts and cookies are to be brought to church on Sunday, December 8th and packaged by the dozen. Gifts should be wrapped and labeled with boy or girl.

Oasis connects the delivery teams with the refugee families. This information is provided the day of the event. All families are close by Oasis, maybe just a few families farther out. Depending on the number of families, most teams visit 2 refugee families that day. 

Questions? Email Leslie Waldrop - lesmiles@hotmail.com.

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