Missional Living Class

Sundays starting 2/25 | 6:30pm to 8 pm

When Paul addresses Athenian thought leaders on Mars Hill in Acts 17, we see him apply the gospel to their cultural context, communicating it in a way they can understand given their preexisting beliefs. All too often as Christians, we communicate the gospel in a way that would only make sense to people who are already Christian. Throughout the Missional Living Class, we discuss how we can engage our culture to communicate the gospel in ways that make sense to our non-believing friends.

The Missional Living Class is presented for The Journey - Hanley Road by Midrash. 

This class will combine reading, discussion, analysis of biblical and cultural texts (e.g., film and music), practicum participation (e.g., participation in Midrash or other events) and prayer. The goal is to equip and inspire Christians to be passionately missional lovers of people who take the gospel to their neighbors, community and our city.  

This 8-week class will meet throughout February - April and will include 30 minutes of reading between sessions. We will use the  innovative curriculum called “The Missional Life,” which was written by leaders at The Journey and includes works from outstanding nationally known thought leaders. 

We hope you will join us and be encouraged in your pursuit to share Jesus' love in our community!

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