HR | Getting at the Root: a Study on Sin Equip Class

Sunday evenings at 7 p.m., beginning October 4th

Getting at the Root:  A Study on Sin

Beginning October 4th

The scripture does not skirt around the reality of sin. It deceives, ensnares, enslaves, and ultimately brings death. 350 years ago, John Owen, considered the greatest of the English Puritans, wrote extensively about sin, and generations of Christians have commended his writings for their insightfulness and practical worth. In this class, with Owen as our guide, we will be exploring the nature of sin, its workings within us, and how it is to be opposed as we seek to work out our salvation.

Hanley Road member Tim Rohman will be leading this eight-week Equip Class, beginning October 4th (7 p.m.). The class will be held on Zoom. Before each session, there will be an excerpt from Owen to read that will be discussed in class.