HR | Child Dedications Spring 2019

Sunday, March 31st at both services

Child Dedication is a special time for parents and guardians to publicly announce their intention to raise their child(ren) in a way that teaches about God and honors Him.

The Journey recognizes that parents are the primary disciplers and faith-trainers of their children, raising the next generation to know the greatness of God. We dedicate our kids because we want to partner with our church family, making a commitment to raise our children in light of God’s promises. The Journey commits to support parents as they raise the next generation to love God.

On March 31st, The Journey Hanley Road will hold a child dedication during the 9 and 11 a.m. services.

Please register your family below if you would like to have your child dedicated. The registration deadline in March 27th. If the March 31st date does not work for your family, we will also be having another round of child dedications in Fall 2019.

After you have filled out the registration form, please email a photo of your child to and let us know during what service you would like to dedicate your child in.