Black History Month

Month of February

“In black history, we find a narrative richly woven with the themes of the gospel. It is a history that helps us to better understand God, to comprehend His plan for humanity and to see tangible evidence of His deliverance, love, and blessings.”

Around the country, February is a month to take intentional time to commemorate and celebrate Black History.  In light of this, we are encouraging you to do 3 things this month:


  • Learn about the past
  • Consider its meaning
  • Reflect on its impact


  • Celebrate the accomplishments of others
  • Honor the sacrifice of others
  • Worship the God who protects, restores, reconciles


  • Ask ourselves how what we now know should inform our choices today and tomorrow.


Across The Journey, there are a number of opportunities to do this in community with others. Join us we remind, rejoice and respond together .... 

Equip Class, Hanley Road

Africans Against the World: How the Resolve of African Christians shaped the Church’s story


10 - 10:50 am

Register on Hanley Road website


Concert, Hanley Road

A Celebration of Gospel Music

2/ 16

4- 5:30 pm


Workshop, Tower Grove

Housing Segregation in St. Louis

2/ 21

7-9 pm



Equip Class, Hanley Road

Dear White Christian: A Book Study

2/2 - 4/5

10- 10:50 am

Register on Hanley Road website